Thursday, June 16, 2016

#123 Jungle Fever

In the Jungle you must wait, until the dice rolls six or eight.........

Movie Quote:
Robin Williams

I adore that movie, I had fun posing for pictures with a jungle themed background. Check out this gorgeous dress with the cool boots, of coarse they came separate. 
The necklace tells a story all in its own, I have a mended heart, so better not break it anyone! These necklaces are part of the Bitter Love collection from IT (Indulge Temptation.) They were from a gatcha event the Rare collection. Enjoy. 


Outfit - LaVian&Co - Black Widow

Boots - Crom - Rachel - Animal Print

Hair - Truth - Cameo - Light Browns

Jewelry - IT (Indulge Temptation) - Bitter Love Collection from Gatcha Event

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Bijou Eyeshadows and Kiss Me Brights Lipsticks

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