Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#129 Ray of Sunshine


Outfit and Heels - Apple Heart - Summer Dress and Platform Wedges

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Kiss Me Brights Lips and Bijou Eyeshadows

Hair - Alice Project - Kimberly - Colors

Nails - Hello Dave - Deco Curves Palette for Toenails and Fingernails for Slink Hands and Feet

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#128 Oh so Cool Shades


Outfit - Loordes of London - Greek Tragedy Dress

Sandals - Loordes of London - The Republican Redundancy

Jewelry - Loordes of London - Necklace - The Devils Horns - Earrings - The Republican Redundancy - Bracelet - Episteme Eirene - Sunglasses - D'Armate Eyeware

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Kiss Me Lipsticks and Bijou Eyeshadow

Hair - Truth - Tara - Variety

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#126 A Beautiful Island Summer


Outfit - Kelli Kreations - Citrus Jeans 

Flip Flops - KC Couture - Rio - Comes with color change hud

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Bijou Eyeshadow and Kiss Me Lipsticks in Brights

Nails - Hello Dave - Deco Curves

Hair - Mina - Laila

Sunday, June 19, 2016

#125 Bubblegurm Colors


Outfit - LaVian&Co - Nothin But a Memory - Comes with color change hud

Heels - KC Couture -Mina- Comes with Color change hud
Hollyhood  - Hot Pink Gotham Heels

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Chromatic Eyeshadow and Kiss Me Lipsticks Bright

Hair - Truth - Cameo - Light Browns

Friday, June 17, 2016

# 124 Relaxing at the Beach

Love this cute bathing suit and I hope you do too, It didn't come with the flip flops though, they were separate. I had fun tanning and laying out in the sun on the beautiful beach. 


Outfit - Cara Creations - Retro Nautical Swim Corset

Flip Flops - KC Couture Marketplace - Rio - For Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink - Comes with Color change hud for Strap and Bottom 

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Bijou Eyeshadows in Blue and Kiss Me Brights Lipsticks in Red

Hair - Mina - Llse

Thursday, June 16, 2016

#123 Jungle Fever

In the Jungle you must wait, until the dice rolls six or eight.........

Movie Quote:
Robin Williams

I adore that movie, I had fun posing for pictures with a jungle themed background. Check out this gorgeous dress with the cool boots, of coarse they came separate. 
The necklace tells a story all in its own, I have a mended heart, so better not break it anyone! These necklaces are part of the Bitter Love collection from IT (Indulge Temptation.) They were from a gatcha event the Rare collection. Enjoy. 


Outfit - LaVian&Co - Black Widow

Boots - Crom - Rachel - Animal Print

Hair - Truth - Cameo - Light Browns

Jewelry - IT (Indulge Temptation) - Bitter Love Collection from Gatcha Event

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Bijou Eyeshadows and Kiss Me Brights Lipsticks

#122 Biker Chick


Outfit - Emberotic's Fashion Design - Comes with Top, Bottoms, Cuffs, Necklace, and Tattoo

Heels - Envious - Touch of Chic

Hair - Catwa - Lola

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Ombre Lipstick and Dusk Eyeshadow

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#121 A Day At Serenity Horse Riding Trail


Outfit - Country Couture - Womens Free Rebel - Free Group Gift! Comes with Top, Jeans, Boots, and Hat

Jewelry - IT (Indulge Temptation) - Serenity Necklace

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Ombre Lipsticks in Black and Chromatic Eyeshadow

Hair - Tameless Hair - Beatrice

Swank Events - Swank

Monday, June 13, 2016

#120 Up in the Clouds


Outfit - Posh Pixels -  Daisy - Comes with Top, Shorts, Heels, Jewelry, and color changing hud for both the top and bottom!

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Ombre Lipsticks in Black and Chromatic Eyeshadow both for Lelutka Mesh Head

Hair - No Match - No Diva - All Colors

Eyes - Mayfly  - Deep Sky Eyes - Dusky Sienna

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saturday, June 11, 2016

#118 Fun Day at the Boardwalk


Outfit and Sandals - Loordes of London - On the Fringe, Sondrio Jeans, and Pour Le Pied

Jewelry - IT (Indulge Temptation) - Just Cross Me Necklace

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Galaxy Eyeshadow and Jelly Red Lips

Hair - Entwined - Elinna - Group Gift

Friday, June 10, 2016

#117 Bikini Ready


Outfit - Whymsical Marketplace - May Flowers Bikini Set - Comes with Bikini Top and Bottom, Wedges, Bag, and Hat

Jewelry - IT (Indulge Temptation) - Just Cross Me Necklace

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Galaxy Eyeshadow and Jelly Red Lips

Hair - Entwined - Anna

Thursday, June 9, 2016

#116 Swirls of Fashion!


Outfit - Apple Heart - Strap Summer Dress
Sandals - Loordes of London - Medalion Signature
Makeup - Blacklace Beauty - Galaxy Eyeshadow and Jelly Red Lips
Jewelry - Loordes of London - Stoned
Jewelry - Beloved - Multi Hoop Earrings

Monday, June 6, 2016

#111 An Ocean Escape

A Fine Ocean Getaway, relaxing by the sea and looking so sharp!
Matching bag and heels to boot!
Yes, the time of year to take vacations by the beautiful ocean. 


Outfit - Glitterati - Comes with Dress, Safety Pin Bag,  and Heels

Makeup - Blacklace Beauty

Hair - Truth - Jenna