Sunday, November 23, 2014

#2 Neko Gear

Neko Gear

This is the best outfit for Rave Parties at Clubs! So Cute with the little kitty ears and tail no wonder you have so much fun in it, hehe.

 What I am Wearing:
Forsaken Neko Outfit - Virtual Attire - WHITE
Ears, Tail, Mini Dress, Choker, Shoes, Warmers for arms and legs, stockings,
Bow White panties
Vintage, Store no Longer Available

Rebelstar Flower leg Tattoo

Lets Fly Angel Wing Back and Arms Tattoo

Tribal Lower Back Tattoo

Slink Hands - Casual

Alyce  - Angel Shape
InWorld Store | Marketplace

Glam Affair - Vera - India 10 G
Glam Affair - Vera - Suggest eyebrows
InWorld Store

Violet Eyes

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